How I Went From Full-Time Clinical Pharmacist, to Virtual Business Coach…


Blair Green Thielemier, PharmD


My name is Blair Green Thielemier, PharmD, and in 2014 I lost my full-time income as a clinical hospital pharmacist. I happened to be about 6 months pregnant at the time…

But, in my moment of desperation, my pharmacy network came to my aid offering me work as a relief pharmacist…

Then, a new opportunity allowed me to work as a clinical MTM pharmacist…

And now I  offer trainings and business coaching on innovative pharmacy services.

I thought the lay-off was the worst thing that could happen to me, but it turned out to be one of the best!

In 2015, I put up my website to market my MTM consulting services locally.

I also added a LinkedIn page, created some business cards and started learning as much as I could about pharmacist clinical services.

A surprising thing happened to me – colleagues started contacting me asking questions about pharmacy consulting programs… How to structure them, how to bill for them, how to scale them in their communities.

For I while I just thought, “this is neat I enjoy talking with all of these amazing pharmacists”.

Conversations were great…but I could only help one person at a time.

Then I had the idea to create an online training program to share my expertise with a broader audience.

First, I showed pharmacists how to get started with MTM.

They came back with more questions.

#1: How do I collaborate with physicians?

Ha ha… this one is easy. 🙂

After all I knew it wasn’t lack of information that holds us back; I knew this was not the biggest barrier to starting clinical pharmacy programs.

“You help them improve patient outcomes.”

Boom – Problem solved.

Then question #2 came:

“Well how do I get started?”

Huh…? Get started?

I don’t know you just start doing it, like I did.

“But there is no blueprint for this type of business plan” they said…


Now, I could see what was really holding them back…lack of a strategic plan and a coach to hold them accountable for taking action.

So I went back and took a look at all the documents I had created, notes, charts and cheat sheets that I used personally.

“Well, if I already have gathered all this information, through hours of research, reading white papers and attending webinars, how can I easily get it out to all the pharmacists that need it?”

Hmmm… I had never thought about using the internet as a tool for teaching?

I could help pharmacists…
They could reach more patients…
Pharmacy could have a bigger impact…
And we could REBRAND the profession…
How else could I impact patients across the world?

As you can guess, that put me on a new mission.

But I wanted to make a bigger impact.

After all, pharmacists kept contacting me and asking for my help.


“THIS course allowed me to feel confident, get organized, and approach them with opportunities to do their MTM, train on MTM, and most excitingly CONSULT in their clinics with a collaborative agreement. Today, I consult in 3 outpatient clinics monthly and am working on a copyrighted Superbill for each clinic! This course opened my eyes to multiple opportunities I had never even considered previously.”

Nicole Rosenke

I already knew I would never have the time to coach each pharmacist individually… but what if I could answer all of their questions at once?

Within weeks, I knew what I had to do.

I hired a business coach (to help me serve my clients better I believe in investing in myself)

And I quickly figured out how I can best help YOU build YOUR business as a virtual business coach.

I decided to create on an e-course and community for pharmacist-entrepreneurs!


You already know how to care for your patients.

We can figure out your next steps TOGETHER.

Together we can create new clinical services and programs.

And I predict that you will find your passion for pharmacy again!


“I am finding value in this course. I think one of the hardest parts about starting is just knowing how to approach the business as a whole. There are so many details I probably wouldn’t have thought of had I attempted it solo. Thanks!”

Chelsea Ochoa

So, next time you start thinking that you really need to get that new program up and running, remember:

1st – How do I begin? is not the question

It is “What is a proven method of getting started?”

If you need help avoiding the most common barriers to starting clinical service programs, this course will help you build a pharmacy business that makes you LOVE your career!

"If I am not willing to invest something in my business, then no matter what I do, I'll never actually value it."


  • 12 week MTM Course
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E-Course + One Brainstorming Session with Blair

  • 12 week MTM Course
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  • How can I do MTM independently for pharmacies/group practices/home health agencies/LTC facilities?
  • Do I need special training or certification?
  • What about reimbursement from insurance?
  • How can pharmacists “bill”?
  • How do I find customers?
  • What does it take to get started?

“How to Build A Pharmacy Consulting Business” Online course answers all of these questions and more.

The E-Course has 9 self-paced Lessons to walk you through the basics of pharmacy clinical consulting programs!

Such as:

  • Finding synergistic businesses to partner with
  • Identifying your target market
  • Market to collaborative providers
  • Build your network through speaking and presentations
  • Chronic care and transitional care management programs
  • Collaborative practice agreements and incident to billing
  • Point of care testing and pharmacogenomic testing services

And coming soon: advanced trainings on complex chronic care management, annual wellness visits and common modifier codes

Are you ready to invest in the FUTURE of pharmacy practice?

This twelve week course will walk you through the step by step process of creating, marketing, and planning your pharmacy consulting services.

“The course is a very good compilation of the nuts and bolts of getting started in the field. I especially like the marketing advice, the training implementation timeline and the various revenue streams discussed. The templates ( tech call script, power point) were also quite helpful. My favorite thing was the links to free services like Canva, etc. You are spot on about ROI !”

Paula Belle

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  • 12 week MTM Course
    Forum Access
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E-Course + One Brainstorming Session with Blair

  • 12 week MTM Course
    Forum Access
    1 Hour Focused Coaching
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