Speaker Sessions

Day 1 – Collaborating with Synergistic Healthcare Professionals

“Exploring the Dynamics of a Physician-Pharmacist Collaborative Relationship” with Amy Van Milligan, MD and Sue Paul
“Reimagining Primary Care in the United States with Embedded Clinical Community Pharmacists” with Jessica Sinclair and Karlton Pettis, MD
"Using Technology to Communicate Value to Patients and Payers" with Josh Howland of PioneerRx

“ROI for Integrating Pharmacists into Ambulatory Care Practices” with Mary Onysko
“Pharmacist-Pharmacist Collaboration: Bridging Primary Care and Community Pharmacy” with Tasha Michaels and Andy Carrington

Day 2 – Growing Revenue through Clinical Services

“Tobacco Cessation Programs: A Gateway to Other Clinical Services in Your Community Pharmacy” with Travis Wolff
“Exploring a Cash-Only Business Model in Independent Pharmacy” with Phil Baker
“Appointment Based Travel Consultations and Complimentary Products” with Beverly Schaefer
“Embedding an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in the Community Pharmacy Setting” with Traci Poole
"Leveraging Adherence Packaging to Drive Growth and Profitability" with Bill Holmes of RxSafe

Day 3 – Marketing Strategies for Your Pharmacy Skillset

“Leveraging Digital Media to Grow Your Business Relationships” with Adam Martin
“Cultivating a Culture of Community as a Grassroots Marketing Strategy” with Max Caldwell
“Appealing to a New Market with Naturopathic Products and Services” with Jesica Mills
“Integrating Therapeutic Nutrition with Traditional Methods of Diabetes Care” with Melissa Hozack

Day 4 – Innovating to Provide Value-Based Care

“Strategic Plans for Elevating the Profession” with APhA President Nicki Hilliard

“Opportunities for Office-Based Pharmacotherapy Programs Using Pharmacogenomic Testing” with Michael Schuh
“Finding Solutions for Payers by Identifying Gaps in Quality Metrics” with Jake Galdo
“Opportunities for Documenting Clinical Interventions in Pharmacy Workflow” with Jeff Olson

Day 5 – Leveraging Your Therapeutic Knowledge in Unique Niches

“Diabetes Prevention Program: A CDC Program for Guiding Patients Towards a Healthier Weight” with Anthony Bolus
“How to Breathe Life into the Front End of Your Retail Pharmacy” with Gabe Trahan
“Offering Travel Consultations as an Independent Consultant” with Mona Ligvani
“Leading Your Team to Success with CPESN” with Travis Wolff