2020 Virtual Summit Agenda


Day 1 – ATTRACT –
Strategies for Marketing & Selling Pharmacist-Led Clinical Services

“Using Speaking as a Marketing Strategy for Clinical Programs” with Carol Cox

“Moving Your Potential Client Up the Selling Staircase” with Nikki Rausch

“How Email Marketing Provides a Huge ROI for Consultant Pharmacists” with Shane Sams

“Local Marketing Strategies for Community Pharmacies and Small Business Owners” with Jocelyn Sams

“Psychology Behind Why People Buy: Using Behavioral Economics to Motivate Sales” with Melina Palmer

“Tips for Gaining Exposure Through Local Media” with Amanda Berlin


Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals to Offer Value-Based Care

“Implementing Pharmacist-Led Functional Medicine Programs in Primary Care” with Melody Hartzler

“Advocating for Women’s Health in the VA Healthcare System with Pharmacist Led Programs” with Veronica Vernon

“Leveraging Pharmacokinetic Knowledge Using PGx Testing in Private Practice” with Tara Snyder

“Untapped Avenues for Pharmacists in Medical Groups and Beyond” with Chara Reid-Reed

“Implementation of a Pharmacist-Nurse Practitioner Partnership in Chronic Care Management” with Irina Koyfman

“Pharmacist Impact on High Risk Patients in a CPC+ Clinic” with Nancy Myers


Growing Revenue Through Clinical Services

“Pharmacy Owner Bridging the Gap Between Holistic Practices and Western Medicine” with Jesica Mills

“Providing 300% ROI with a Transitional Care Clinical Service” with Jennifer Shannon

“Supporting Pharmacists Providing Access to Birth Control Services” with Sally Rafie

“Supreme Court to Rule on States’ Right to Regulate Pharmacy Benefit Managers” with Scott Pace

“Navigating Consulting Opportunities within a Large Health System” with Kimber Boothe

“Leveraging Clinical Pharmacists to Impact Outcomes for Health System Owned Primary Care Clinics” with Jared Peak

Creating Programs & Services Patients Want & Need

“From Pharmacist to Physician to Functional Medicine Practitioner: The Healthcare Entrepreneur” with Richard Harris

“How One Pharmapreneur is Getting Her Natural Family Planning Program Off the Ground” with Emily Kirkwold

“Finding the Root Cause of Disease: Integrative Pharmacotherapy Consulting” with Michael Davidson

“A Natural Approach to Providing Cash Based Hormone Consultations” with Sharzad Green

“Evaluating How and When to Hire a Business Coach” with Anna Garrett

“Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Mindset: A Pharmapreneurial Journey” with Emily Adamopoulos


Day 5 – SCALE –
New Opportunities to Leverage Knowledge into Income

“Representing Pharmacists in Interprofessional Healthcare Organizations for Diabetes Education” with Diana Isaacs

“Scripts for Success: Legal Forms Pharmapreneurs Need” with Danielle Liss

“Elevating Your CE Experience Through Online Trainings” with Suzanne Feeney

“Digital Marketing Strategies for Brick and Mortar Business Owners” with Dan Ryder

“Tips for Intentional Digital Marketing in 2020 and Beyond” with Alex Alexandrou

“Motivating Your Team to Buy Into and Help Sell Your Cash Based Clinical Programs” with Linda Miller


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