Pharmacy Practice is Changing. Are You Ready To Elevate Your Practice? September 23th & 24th in Orlando, Florida

Learn to build profitable, sustainable Pharmacy Consulting Services…

So You Can Help More Patients, Make the Income You Deserve and Advance Your Practice of Pharmacy!

Use the New ‘Pharmapreneur Success Formula’ to Decide On, Develop and Diversify your income through Clinical Consulting.

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…PLUS, Join Forces with a Community of Other Like-Minded Pharmacist Entrepreneurs to Support You

One of the first things I had to learn to do in my business was to attract my ideal clients by writing on my blog.  As I progressed, I eventually learned how to effectively leverage social media, email marketings and eventually webinars as well.

Digital marketing is one of the most effective and efficient ways to help you attract your ideal audience.

The 3 Pieces to the Webinar Puzzle

I started my first webinar with no email list, no audience, and no business skills – and recently hit $190k in a day in revenue. (Here’s how)

I still remember the moment years ago when I did $25k in a single day on a webinar.

My husband Chad asked me if I was quitting my job as a pharmacist.

I also remember the Virtual Summit where we did $85k in a single day.

Still, I thought, maybe it was a fluke?

Then at our most recent event, doing $190k in a single day.

And it all happened because I stopped listening to the LIES from my “inner Mean Girl”…

The lies that said I had to be a well-known expert, a great speaker or be a tech wizard before hosting my own webinars and virtual events…

…or that only certain niches worked…

…or that it was somehow ‘sleazy’ to make others aware of the solutions I offered.

I had to learn the TRUTH the slow, hard way over the past six years.

I was changing lives. I was helping people.

I was building a community around me of like-minded individuals.

And it has been my JOY to teach my approach to thousands who wanted to launch their own consulting businesses.

I’ve seen my clients quit their jobs, be generous with their families, and make their own impact on the world.

That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing more about my method for creating a profitable, impactful Irresistible Offer that attracts only your ideal clients.


During our two day in-person event, I lay out the three keys to doing the RIGHT things when launching a new program offering.

  1. How to DECIDE on your Six Figure Offer (even if someone doesn’t know what to teach or feels like they’re not an expert)
  2. How to DEVELOP your signature method and Irresistible Offer (and charge a premium).
  3. How to DIVERSIFY yourself by using our 5 STAR Delivery Method (even without a following now).

No need for tech overwhelm. No need to be a content factory. Or spend six years trying to figure it out.

You just need ONE thing.

You need to be yourself. SHARE YOUR MESSAGE.

Sharing their uniqueness with the world is how my clients have launched consulting businesses in all sorts of niches…

…even if they start with zero audience.

So for those ready to taste the freedom an online consulting business can bring…

…for those ready to help people and change lives…

…for those ready to stop doing all the things and start doing the RIGHT things.

With me???


Register for the event to learn more about launching a pharmacy consulting business: 


It’s a fact…

NOW is the perfect time to take your place at the table and profit from a MOVEMENT taking place in pharmacy that Delivers RESULTS for your clients and REVENUE for you…



Let’s face it. The traditional, dispensing-only practice model of pharmacy is no longer profitable! Not knowing HOW to shift from a product-centric business model is the #1 thing holding pharmacists back…more than the corporatization of pharmacy.

And with politicians playing games with Pharmacist Provider Status there is no guarantee that this shift will happen in time to save our profession!

But it doesn’t matter, because at Pharmapreneur Academy LIVE you can take control of your destiny and monetize your knowledge building income through clinical service contracts. Whether you need an extra $1,000 a month in extra revenue or want to replace your current income, you can create a sustainable and profitable Pharmacy Consulting business.

So what exactly is the Pharmapreneur Success Formula?

It’s when you step into your professional role in a way that gives you confidence and recognition for your knowledge that is tilted so far in your favor that you can be “just a regular pharmacist” and still help your patients become the healthiest version of themselves. 


And once you add this to our trademarked Beginner’s Business Blueprint, it takes literally less than 90 days to create a profitable clinical program.

But what about results?

Let’s say you are brand new to entrepreneurship… we will show you how you can make an extra $10,000 per month with just a handful of clients.

But if you are even a tad bit more aggressive and can spend say an hour a day on your program, we will show you how to make $66k in just one day, like Pharmapreneur Jamie.

Over the course of the Two Day Workshop We Will Cover…

  • How to DECIDE on your 6 Figure Offer. (Will Show You Historical and Mathematical Proof.)

  • How to DEVELOP your Irresistible Offer Machine – Spoiler Alert! It Is Different For Everyone.

  • How to DIVERSIFY and Deliver so your clients have 5-Star Experiences.

  • How to DOMINATE your visibility and get a steady stream of new clients.

  • And our secret formula for a Visibility Explosion that will explode your visibility and double your monthly revenue in a single day.

At the In-Person Event…

  • Blair and a team of Pharmacy Leaders will break down everything you need to know to leverage your current knowledge to generate income and build wealth by creating your own contracts, netting you of thousands of dollars in cash every month, while taking all your questions LIVE!

  • How to Strategize and Scale Your Consulting Contracts: The exact business model that’s turning our clients from beginners into multi 6-figure CEOs in a few hours a week or less so they can spend their time on the things they actually enjoy.

  • How Anyone Can Trade with Build a Signature Program…Even if They’re “Just a Retail Pharmacist”: A simple structure that will allow you to overcome imposter syndrome & offer life-changing programs while you’re working remotely from anywhere in the world on your own schedule – in your pharmacy, home office, or even on a beach if thats your thing…

  • The Simple Solution for Advancing Pharmacy Practice: The Pharmapreneur Philosophy How to instantly start attracting your ideal clients. Create a steady stream of leads with a program your patients so desperately need.

The end result is to turn you into a more CONFIDENT, CONSISTENT, and SUCCESSFUL Pharmapreneur.

Because when you know how to step into the markets and just offer the things your clients NEED…it changes you.

You feel better about yourself. You walk taller, back straighter.

You are happier and have more peace of mind, because you are no longer worried about the future, annoying things of life like bills, debt, and upcoming expenses.

In 5 years you won’t even recognize your old CAREER.

When you have the time and the money to do what you love…there are no boundaries and work doesn’t feel like WORK:

Will you… start your own charity, volunteer, travel, start a new business, go back to school, pay off your debts, help your kids with their finances?

What will you do when you are free to do anything your heart desires?

That’s why learning how you can LEVERAGE your existing pharmacy knowledge using business and marketing skills that just work…month after month… could be the golden ticket you need to create YOUR best life.

If that sounds good to you…

You MUST Attend This
Transformational Event to Get Started

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn in two life-changing days…

  • 6 FIGURE OFFER Strategies that will generate cash flow on a regular basis!

  • ​Discover the surprisingly simple way to create an Irresistible Offer Machine, even if you’ve sold anything before and don’t have a clue where to begin.
  • ​Watch Blair as she walks you through her actual consulting contracts! She will show you how to decide on, develop and diversify your business with multiple Pharmapreneurial Paths using different strategies.
  • ​How to choose the Pharmapreneurial Path that best suits your goals. How many clients do you want to work with each month?  5, 50, 500 clients? You choose.

If you’re seriously committed to stop worrying about the Future of Pharmacy and Elevate Your Career to the next level…you need to attend this virtual event.

INTRODUCING – Pharmapreneur Academy LIVE



This 2-Day Workshop Includes:

  • Creating a Signature Program for Your Ideal Client Avatar.

  • ​Spending Less Than 4 Hours per Week Delivering Your Program.

  • ​Get Better Outcomes for Your Patients than you could in 10 years of ‘traditional’ Pharmacy Practice.

  • ​Start with a Marketing Budget for as little as $100 a month.

  • ​Be as Conservative or Aggressive as You Want With Growing Your Business.

  • ​Generate Regular Monthly Income through Recurring Revenue Strategies.

  • Learn How to Have HONEST Sales Conversations that Leads to More Clients.

Success Stories

Meet Your Trainers For This Transformational Event!


Founder of Pharmapreneur Academy

Blair Thielemier

Blair is an author and pharmacy business development coach specializing in pharmacist-led clinical services. She started her MTM consulting business BT Pharmacy Consulting, LLC when she was laid off from the only “real” job she’s ever had and finally got serious once she saw the profession she loved falling victim to Career Climate Change.  in 2018 she vowed to her husband that she would finally step out as a voice for pharmacists across the United States. Since then, she has used what she calls the Pharmapreneur Philosophy to be able to make more in a day than she was used to making in an entire year.

This path was far from easy, and Blair openly shares her trials and tribulations of overcoming severe frustration, hundreds of losing trades, and losing well over $40,000 in just one year alone.

Now she’s on a mission to help free pharmacists from their mundane jobs and soul sucking work so they can experience Financial Freedom, Time Freedom and Choice Freedom to practice pharmacy at the top of their EDUCATION!


Master of Ceremonies

Jerrica Dodd

Dr. Jerrica Dodd holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, a Master of Science in Pharmacy Administration from The Ohio State University, and a Master of Science with a focus in Applied Pharmacoeconomics from the University of Florida. She completed an ASHP accredited residency at the Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University.

Dr. Dodd has been a pharmacist for 20 years and recently transitioned into full time entrepreneurship after a 17-year career in the pharmaceutical industry in various roles in Medical Affairs and Regulatory Affairs. Prior to her time in the pharma industry, she managed a hospital pharmacy, and has had experience in retail pharmacy.Her recent educational pursuits have been completion of a Nutrition Health Coaching Certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Currently, she is enrolled in the Institute of Functional Medicine. With her background in pharmacy, leadership training and her passion for people, Dr. Dodd enjoys encouraging people to be their best and to get the most out of every opportunity that life presents. One of her favorite scriptures is Luke 12:48…”to whom much is given, much is required” and Dr. Dodd endeavors to live her life giving back from the abundant ways in which she has been blessed.

Now is the time for you to decide.

Do you want to stay stuck in the same hamster wheel of frustration and uncertainty about the future of Pharmacy and finally become an independent professional? How about this instead…

Meet with us from the comfort of your own home and discover exactly how to make THIS year into YOUR year!

If you’re ready to embrace clinical pharmacy programs and turn it into a profitable and fulfilling income stream PRN or even a build it into a consulting company…

Make sure you can attend live to get your questions answered, because time is of the essence and, this is something you are not going to want to miss.

Here’s What You Need To Do Right Now!


Our Money Back Guarantee!

We’re so certain this high-level training will set you up for massive success for your trading, that we’re offering a money back guarantee.

If, by the end of the first day, you don’t feel like you’ve received at least a return on your investment, just let us know at that point and we’ll refund your registration fee.

Frequently Asked Questions


This event is for individual pharmacists and independent pharmacy owners who want to learn how to successfully generate income through clinical pharmacy programs. Regardless of whether you have ever owned a business before, never been profitable, or are doing well but want to diversify your income streams, the event will walk you through the exact strategies that I’ve personally used and taught to hundreds of other pharmacists to shift their practice models to give them the lifestyles they want…

What are the dates for PHARMAPRENEUR ACADEMY LIVE?

The event will take place for 2 FULL DAYS at these times:
ORLANDO, FLORIDA (Eastern Time Zone): September 23rd & 24th, 9:00AM to 4:00PM

Access to the event is ticket only.

Can I bring an employee or business partner?

Absolutely! Every ticket holder will receive a “Buddy Pass”.

So if you have a business partner, spouse or colleague that wants to come with you, please feel free to bring them along!

What do I need to bring?

You just need to BRING IT. Come ready to learn, come with an open mind, good energy and a great attitude… and let Blair and her team of Pharmapreneurs take care of the rest.

Will the replays be available?

Nope, this is LIVE & IN PERSON in Orlando, Florida at a FABULOUS event space.

Can I get a refund if I cannot attend?

Because each registrant will receive pre-event training programs, there will be no refunds for those who cannot attend. That said, we 100% recommend you show up live as we will be helping individuals and answering your specific questions.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

For live attendees, we’re so certain this high-level training intensive will set you up for massive success for your business, that we’re offering a money-back guarantee. If, by the end of the first day, you don’t feel like you’ve received at least a return on your investment, just let us know at that point and we’ll refund your ticket.

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