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Unlimited access to a community of pharmacists who are working (just like you!) to create additional income streams and gain control of their time & their futures as the leaders in pharmacy practice

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A chance to pair up with accountability partners and form breakout groups for specific interests
Mindset management — helping you develop the mindset you need to level up and create true value as a pharmapreneur
Invaluable feedback on your ideas, collective problem-solving, and a whole crew of colleagues who will be there to celebrate your successes and put your failures in perspective
Shared resources (like sample proposals, marketing flyers, patient intake forms, EHR template, real-time answers to your questions and challenges, etc.)

What Your Colleagues Are Saying About The Pharmapreneur Academy™

I just want to say everything I have gone through has been a tremendous help and is inspirational because over the past few years I have been looking into ways to be an entrepreneur but couldn’t justify leaving all the education and knowledge I have in pharmacy. I am poised to now get started as an entrepreneur thanks to you.

– Trenton P.

Excellent! Absolutely superb. Clear and concise. A brief, yet comprehensive overview of key concepts. A brief, yet comprehensive market overview of pharmacist opportunities to build ambulatory clinical pharmacy services in various practice settings. Fantastic!

– Matthew Z.

My “WIN” of the week is being hired 1 day a week by a physician to do medication reconciliations, CCM and TCM!!! The physician feels this will grow into a full time position so I am more than excited! Thanks for all of the support from this group. It really is amazing!

 -Emily H.

Thank you so much for all the information from the academy! I joined about a week and a half ago. Since then I have zeroed in on the services I want to focus on initially (CCM) and have met with 3 physician offices today alone and have 3 lunches already set up over the next 2 weeks to pitch my service. All thanks to the information I received from the academy! Thank you very much for putting it together!

 – Carter D.

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What you’ll learn!

Collaborating with Providers to Offer Value-Based Pharmacy Services

New BUSINESS MODELS for Growing Revenue with Clinical Services

Marketing Strategies to Take Your Business to the Next Level
Innovative Ideas & Outside-the-Box Opportunities to Service Patients and Add Revenue
Identifying Opportunities in Profitable Niche Services

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