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About the Course

The Pharmapreneur Academy helps the pharmacist who wants to build and grow their clinical services based consulting business. They may feel overwhelmed and be suffering from Analysis Paralysis. The e-Course at the Pharmapreneur Academy helps them build sustainable programs and confidently market their clinical services.

Target Audience

The ideal person for Pharmapreneur Academy e-Course and Community is one that needs a guided approach to pursuing clinical consultation services. The Community provides support, accountability and encouragement to move forward no matter the challenges.

Blair says, “A consultant pharmacist is one whose practice model is based on SERVICES, not PRODUCTS!”

The pharmacist who is right for the Pharmapreneur Academy probably knows they are capable of more, but feels there is too many barriers to offering advanced patient care services.

They want to make meaningful progress towards their Dream Career. Unfortunately, they just don’t know where to begin!

That’s where the Pharmapreneur Academy’s founder and coach Blair Thielemier can help.

This e-Course, Community and Blair’s coaching through the Forums will give the pharmacist a plan and process that will take them from feeling “analysis paralysis” to taking action and moving forward.


LibWhat’s Inside the Pharmapreneur Academy?


There are many “perks” to joining the Community at the Pharmapreneur Academy such as access to the e-Course, the Forums, the Q&A Member Calls, Elevate Pharmacy Summit interviews and exclusive Masterclasses.


However, there is only one way to get access – Membership.

Independent Study e-Course and Membership Community (Starting at $147/month)

The Community includes an e-Course Library with pharmacist billing resources, business basics and much more.  All modules immediately available upon purchase. Each lesson is delivered via video and is between 45-90 minutes long. In addition, each lesson contains downloadable slides and downloadable “swipe files”.

The benefit with this structure is that people can consume the content on their own time schedule.

The Beginner’s Business Blueprint e-Course will give very specific “next steps” so implementing (and making progress) is very straightforward.




As long as they are active members, they can access the e-Course, Forums, Member Calls and any special webinars Blair produces.

Members can choose to cancel their membership at any time, no questions asked



It’s been intentionally designed to help people get clear, get motivated, and get started with creating, marketing and growing their consulting businesses.

Pharmapreneur Academy Affiliate Program


Affiliate Commission

We appreciate your referrals so much we offer a generous $250 referral commission if your referral remains an Academy member for the Annual Plan and $500 for the Lifetime Plan.



Important Dates

  • November 23-30, 2020 – Black Friday FLASH SALE – Lifetime Membership
  • December courses closed – next live training January 3rd, 2021


Blair can provide support with your launch in the form of guest blog posts, co-hosted webinars, podcast interviews, newsletter “takeovers”, etc.

If you are interested in any of the above, please put together an idea for a proposal and email it to


Please remember to apply for  and use YOUR UNIQUE REFERRAL LINK in all your marketing/communications for tracking purposes.

“This is going to one of the single biggest launches of the year since

we will no longer have an open cart year round.

I hope you’ll join us!”