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2019 Goals for an Abundantly Blessed Life & Career: My 3rd Year in Business – Building Something to Last

by | Jan 1, 2019 | Consulting Pharmacist Education

“My goals for 2019 align with how I want to FEEL at the end of 2019 – Abundantly Blessed.”

My Big, Scary, Audacious goal is to have a successful business that will one day support my family and allow me to create a charitable foundation for  medical missionary work.In this blog post from New Years Day waaaay back in 2017, I wrote about my 15 year plan to open a Mission Clinic in Central America.


This year I’ve hit most of my top 10 goals…


  1. I have doubled the number of members in the by meeting over 10,000 pharmacists and sharing my message. (Accomplished – well almost tripled the number!)
  2. We registered over 5,000 pharmacists for the 2018 and helped add millions of dollars in revenue for pharmacy owners. (Accomplished – tens of thousands of pharmacists from around the world have visited the site for our big Spring summit and topical Mini-Summits)
  3. We went on a big family on vacation to Hawaii where we enjoyed the islands on our own time and never felt “rushed” (Failed – maybe next year!)
  4. I hosted an AMAZING in-person Workshop/Business Retreat for female pharmacy owners to connect (Accomplished – check out the amazing weekend here)
  5. My husband and I worked up 1 Year’s Salary in Cash/Taxable Investing Account so we have attained the First Pillar of Financial Independence (Failed – we are at probably 9 months salary emergency fund)
  6. We also paid down our land loan by 30% because we want to be out of debt and able to build a cabin on the land in 2020 (Failed – we bought our Dream House instead)
  7. I lost all the “baby weight” and then some to get back to my goal weight through exercise and low carb nutrition (Accomplished – got to pre-baby weight, but not pre-marriage weight – my 2019 goal)
  8. My company worked with 2 amazing organizations to produce new opportunities for pharmacists (Accomplished – Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors in the Virtual Exhibitor Hall of the Elevate Pharmacy Summit)
  9. Build a new skill (Accomplished – I’ve been working with The Sales Maven Nikki Rousch, who will be doing a training on “Warming Up the Cold Call” for Academy members in January!)
  10. We chose someone to hugely and unexpectedly BLESS who really needed and appreciated the gesture (Accomplished – we awarded TWENTY FIVE scholarships to pharmacists who want to work with me in the Pharmapreneur Academy to build their consulting businesses)


Goal setting is important to me because it has allowed me to step away from jobs I don’t love, charge what I’m worth and take chances on new ventures.

Even though it wasn’t on my “goal list” I created a new Planner based on the CORE FOUR Elements of the Healthy Business Helix.


In my latest workshop, “Planning for 2019 Like a Pharmapreneur”, I teach you the steps for choosing your:

  1. Big Annual Goals
  2. Prioritizing Quarterly Strategic Objectives
  3. Monitoring Your Monthly Metrics
  4. Creating a Weekly Action Plan

The Planner, now available on Amazon, follows along with my latest Workshop.


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Will you join me in setting your 2019 Personal Development Goals TODAY?

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On the Workshop I share my process for goal setting and how I’ve come up with my 2019 Goals (listed below).

One of my “processes” is to choose a word to represent the year ahead.  The word represents how I want to FEEL at the end of the year and throughout the year.  It represents my focus.

And as Tony Robbins says, “Where focus goes, energy flows”

2017 was a focus on VISIBILITY…

2018 was focused on INFLUENCE in order to create an awareness and evolution in pharmacy…

In 2019 my focus is on ABUNDANCE.

To me, abundance means having the freedom to pursue your purpose.

It means bringing my message to more pharmacists, teaching about pharmacy consulting services and sharing my story genetic testing journey.


My goals for 2019 align with how I want to FEEL at the end of 2019 – Abundantly Blessed.

As you know, goal setting is very important to me.

People who write down their goals are 42% more likely to reach them.

I’ve been writing my goals and posting them on this blog consistently since 2016.  And I’ve been writing my goals down in the notepad app on my phone consistently since 2014!


Follow my entire journey here.

However, the danger in focusing heavily on achievements, is that sometimes goal-oriented people (me) can get too wrapped up in the future and forget to enjoy the present.

Hopefully focusing on abundance and gratitude for all that I already have will help me to be more PRESENT in 2019.

Present for my family, my Academy members and myself.

This year I want to add a “Lookback List” to my Annual Business Recap to celebrate things I am proud of and grateful for…

Feel free to create your own and save it somewhere you can go back and look at it in the future when you’re feeling down.

Your notepad app on your phone is an EXCELLENT place to start this reflective practice.

(If you need some help remembering all the amazing things that happened for you in 2018, go back and take a look at your paper planner or online calendar)

Here’s my “Lookback List” for 2018:

January 2018 – Aven started dance lessons, first month post-partem, began shooting elevate summit videos, hung out with Ramit Sethi

Feb 2018 – Family ski trip to St. Louis, took Natalie’s e-course on strategic objectives, finished shooting summit videos

March 2018 – threw myself a “Greatest Showman” themed birthday party, Elevate Summit launched, interviewed on Your Financial Pharmacist podcast

April 2018 – rested after Elevate Summit, cancelled my whole life policy and upgraded my term insurance, went on a girls trip to Gulf Shores

May 2018 – Began my NGx/PGx consulting business, on the Talk to Your Pharmacist Podcast, Started my health & genetic journey with MTHFR, Registered for PGx Certification course

June 2018 – PioneerRx Connect event/CMA Fest in Nashville with my husband, 5 Ways to Take Your MTM Consults to the Next Level webinar, VIP day with sales coach Nikki Rousch, finished PGx certificate

July 2018 – Jurassic Quest in Memphis for Aven’s birthday, Elevate Adherence Mini-Summit, Weekend family trip to Mountain View, VIP day with speaking coach Carol

August 2018 – resurrected my Youtube channel, special day with Mom and Aven, created 2019 Business Development Planner for Female Pharmapreneur Workshop and Mastermind

Sept 2018 – VIP day and conference with business coach Shane, hosted the Female Pharmapreneur Workshop and Mastermind in Nashville for 8 amazing female pharmacists, completely changed pricing for Academy and added 50 new members, appeared on Rx Buzz Podcast with Ashlee Klevens Hayes

October 2018 – NCPA conference in Boston with my husband, listed home for sale and made offer on a new one, (and looking forward to Halloween with the kids)

November 2018 – Elevate Diabetes Care Mini-Summit, BizChix Live conference in Southern California, amazing massage, Harry Potter World, creating Lesson 12

December 2018 – Closed on new home, Pharmapreneur Academy Scholarships, Hoyt’s first birthday, celebrating Christmas in our new house, taking time off

My Top 10 Goals for 2019 (written in past tense as if it were December 2019)

  1. I have 400 Academy members who are getting great results and helping to lead the profession of pharmacy into our very bright future.
  2. We registered 5,000 pharmacists from around the world for the 2019 Elevate Summit and awarded 50,000 Continuing Education credits through our partnership with the NCPA Innovation Center.
  3. We have 10,000 Pharmapreneur Community Newsletter subscribers interested in Advancing Their Practice of Pharmacy.
  4. I lead an amazing group of women in a 2 Day Leadership Retreat & Mastermind for Pharmapreneurs in a fabulous location.
  5. We’ve saved 1 year salary, paid down our land debt 30%, and sold our first home for a profit.
  6. I represented pharmacy on a national media outlet talking about genetic testing (maybe write a book about my genetic journey?)
  7. I stuck to an intermittent fasting, carb cycling diet and got back to my “pre-marriage” weight 🙂
  8. I got to enjoy two family vacations and one “girls trip”.
  9. I surprised my husband with a birthday gift he loved.
  10. I moved closer to my ultimate goal of establishing a charitable health clinic by volunteering abroad.


The “word” that I’ve chosen to represent the feeling I want to have at the end of 2019 is ABUNDANT.

Right now, I’m already feeling that way, but I know there’s always room for improvement.

Will you join me in setting your 2019 personal development goals?

About the Author

Blair Thielemier, PharmD, is a business development consultant specializing in pharmacist-led billing models. She has set the industry standard for virtual pharmacy conferences with the Elevate Pharmacy Virtual Summit in 2017. She has consulted with national pharmacy organizations, drug wholesalers, point of sale companies, and Fortune 5 health insurers. She has books and online courses available for individuals looking to leverage their pharmacy knowledge into monetized clinical programs at She speaks internationally about trends in leveraging pharmacists to improve value-based care.


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