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[Interview] How to Thrive as an Independent Community Pharmacy Owner with Randy McDonough

by | Apr 21, 2017 | Consulting Pharmacist Education

Elevate Pharmacy Virtual Summit: Day 3 Session 3

Randy McDonough is co-owner of Towncrest, Solon Towncrest, and Towncrest Compounding Pharmacies.  He is also co-founder/co-owner of Innovative Pharmacy Solutions.  He oversees Towncrest Pharmacy’s clinical services including MTM services, nursing home consulting, wellness screenings, immunizations, and adherence services.  He is responsible for development, implementation, and quality assurance for all aspects of the clinic and services.  He is board certified in geriatrics and as a pharmacotherapy specialist.

Randy has published and presented extensively on the subject of pharmaceutical care and MTM in the community pharmacy setting.  In particular he is recognized for his efforts in developing and implementing patient care services. He has co-authored a book on pharmaceutical care and has written chapters for several other texts.  He has presented nationally and internationally on pharmaceutical care, MTM services and Performance Measures in the community pharmacy setting.  He currently writes a column for Pharmacy Today titled “MTM Pearls”

Randy is a member of the American Pharmaceutical Association (Board of Trustee), National Community Pharmacists Association, American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, American College of Clinical Pharmacy, and the Iowa Pharmacists Association.  He has served in various roles in these organizations.  His areas of interest include community-based outcomes research, pharmaceutical education, geriatrics, disease state management, student development, and the development of patient care initiatives in the community pharmacy setting.

More information about Randy’s work can be found on Towncrest’s website.


Key Takeaways:

  • How Towncrest Pharmacy took adherence packaging and created their medication adherence program (MAP)
  • Building a Med-Sync program into their MAP and to community providers in order to improve efficiency and increase referrals
  • Creation of a fall risk assessment that can be used in the community pharmacy and make recommendations for environmental and/or medication-related changes (Hello quality measures! – see Pre-Summit Training Video)
  • Starting an immunization program with Zostavax to most recently building a follow-up program for the HPV vaccine
  • Evaluating market demographics and opportunities before moving forward with clinical programs
  • The idea behind “continuous medication monitoring” (CoMM) and how they offer mini-MTM interventions to every patient encounter
  • The 4 ways to “re-engineer your practice” by utilizing your resources EFFECTIVELY, so pharmacists can focus on patient care
  • How and why pharmacists should become “interventionialists”
  • The soft skills that pharmacists need to build in order to be successful communicators
  • Utilizing software that improves upon dispensing software and allows a pharmacist to quickly consult patient med lists by organizing them based on adherence measures, interactions, and drug therapy problems
  • Changing your mentality from volume-driven to value-driven profitability measures

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