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Mark Your Calendars, Wednesday July 25th, the Elevate ADHERENCE Mini-Virtual Summit Goes LIVE!

by | Jul 11, 2018 | Consulting Pharmacist Education

Did you join us on the March Elevate Pharmacy Virtual Summit this year?

If so, I want to thank you for your support and let you know we are planning an all-new, one-day Mini-Summit on the topic of Adherence.

On July 25th, 2018, I’ll be hosting four speakers discussing specifics on the topic of the pharmacist’s role in elevating patient adherence.


Here’s the lineup for Wednesday, July 25th:

10:00am EDT — Tripp Logan will be discussing Utilizing Staff Members to Implement Patient Management Programs with a Focus on Adherence

12:00pm EDT — Bob Lomenick encourages Creating and Measuring a Sustainable Med Sync Program Using Star Ratings and the EQuIPP Dashboard

2:00pm EDT — Scott Daniels will talk about New Technology to Determine Medication Adherence and Assess Therapeutic Range

and at 4:00pm EDT — Bruce Berger shares Tips on How to Evaluate and Overcome the Root Cause on Non-Adherence


What if I can’t attend July 25th?

The four interviews from our one-day Summit will be unlocked for free viewing until Sunday, July 29th.


Can I view the March interviews as well?

No, attendees will only be able to view the four new interviews, unless they upgrade to the All-Access Pass. The March interviews are only accessible to All-Access Passholders.

The cart will stay open until July 30th for attendees who wish to upgrade to an All-Access Pass.


If I attended the March Summit, do I need to re-register?

If you’ve already registered, I will send you an email reminder the day of the Mini-Summit, just make sure to register with your best email address and put me on your “safe list”.


If you’re not sure, go ahead and re-register at

And while you’re there, remember there is a ton of additional resources in the Virtual Exhibition Hall (see its newly designed look!):

  • Check out an awesome tutorial from Sykes and Co on Accounting and Tax Planning in their booth.
  • Joe Moose gives a great introduction to the CPESN movement.
  • Al Babbington from Prescribe Wellness discusses future trends in the industry and how pharmacy is evolving.
  • Mike Bollinger of Live Oak Bank shares some ideas about the ROI of utilizing telepharmacy and robotics technology.
  • And I gave a free training on MACRA/MIPS and what pharmacists need to know about the value-based payment model system.

​View these free trainings and from now until next year’s Summit, remember to register at because I’ll be sending the links for our LIVE interviews to your registered email address!


Thanks for your interest and for supporting the Elevate Pharmacy Virtual Summit.

About the Author

Blair Thielemier, PharmD, is a business development consultant specializing in pharmacist-led billing models. She has set the industry standard for virtual pharmacy conferences with the Elevate Pharmacy Virtual Summit in 2017. She has consulted with national pharmacy organizations, drug wholesalers, point of sale companies, and Fortune 5 health insurers. She has books and online courses available for individuals looking to leverage their pharmacy knowledge into monetized clinical programs at She speaks internationally about trends in leveraging pharmacists to improve value-based care.


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