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The Only Constant in the Universe is Change

by | Sep 3, 2015 | Big Picture Ideas



“Change begets change. Nothing propagates so fast.” – Charles Dickens

Change is inevitable but instead of resisting it, what if you saw every change as a new opportunity?

A job loss becomes an opportunity to find a more suitable position or to learn a new skill.  A new position finds you meeting a new friends or finding a mentor.  Changing Medicare reimbursement opens the door for a flood of new opportunities for pharmacists seeking a different direction in their careers.

In a changing environment, the time is now to find the more suitable position, find a mentor, and create the job of your dreams.

The world is changing and the practice of pharmacy is no different.  Alluding to these changes in The Millennial Pharmacy, we may attempt to anticipate these changes and be proactive.  The pharmacist of tomorrow may be doing less dispensing-related activities than ever due to improvements in technology and offering more clinical services to increase patient interaction.  Looking at a pharmacists’ career over the past 50 years, imagine how much has changed!

Could a pharmacist today describe the process of e-scripts and PBMs to a pharmacist of my great-grandfathers generation?  How would you describe e-scripts to someone with no concept of the internet or email?

Probably not, but one thing my great-grandfather would have understood was taking care of the patient is first and foremost.  The one piece of advice that I can personally give after the job loss I recently wrote about is to BE ADAPTIVE.

Maybe your perfect career in the practice of pharmacy has yet to be created.  So what better time to create it for yourself than the present?

There is a fascinating book out named The End of Jobs. The author describes this new period in history as the Age of Entrepreneurship.  The book is premised on the idea that first land and kings, then money and banks, then leverage and large corporations have each had their moment of power.  The early 2000s begins the Age of Entrepreneurship so here we are on the cusp of the entrepreneur holding all the cards!

Small companies, even “solopreneur” owned companies are popping up everywhere you look, including independent pharmacist consultants!  With companies like Facebook and LinkedIn leading the way in networking and marketing, the game is changing and quickly adaptable companies are beginning to crush slow-to-implement large corporations.

Large corporations are full of red-tape and protocols that makes change difficult.  But when you own your own business, you can make your own rules and do as you see fit.

Not to say that owning your own business is not a ton of work, but it is a rewarding, fulfilling DIFFERENT kind of work.  When you are achieving your dreams and creating your dream job you feel that passion for pharmacy reignite within you and it feels REALLY GREAT.

So if you may be interested in creating your own independent consulting business on the side or are interested in help getting started offering new clinical services in your existing practice, we are here to help.  Take this ever changing landscape and be adaptive and quick to implement and you will reap the rewards!

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About the Author

Blair Thielemier, PharmD, is a business development consultant specializing in pharmacist-led billing models. She has set the industry standard for virtual pharmacy conferences with the Elevate Pharmacy Virtual Summit in 2017. She has consulted with national pharmacy organizations, drug wholesalers, point of sale companies, and Fortune 5 health insurers. She has books and online courses available for individuals looking to leverage their pharmacy knowledge into monetized clinical programs at She speaks internationally about trends in leveraging pharmacists to improve value-based care.


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