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Calendar used for advertising advantages of pharmacist in MD office

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    I am leaving these calendars at a few doctor’s offices yesterday and today. I made them myself. I used the information from my infographic in the calendar. It can be folded up and put in an envelope.

    calendar can be folded
    January 2018
    May 2018
    September 2018
    December 2018

    If they don’t hire me now, hopefully they’ll use the calendar and be reminded of me during next year.

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    Hi Carol. I absolutely loved your calendar idea!! How cool!! Did you get feedback from the physicians?



    Great idea Carol! Any responses or feedback from offices? Better yet, any contracts? 🙂



    Thank you for asking, Alda and Mmccarthy. No, I got no responses or feedback. I left the calendars at physicians’ offices that I have contacted before.

    One provider (NP) doesn’t use EHR. He’s still using paper charts. He told me he just planned to get the negative adjustment every year instead of trying to meet quality measures. I was hoping the calendar might encourage him to start trying to meet quality measures.

    I am waiting on Dr. Bennett to finish his BPP promotional materials for pharmacists before I re-visit or call on other physicians. I did find about 6 or 7 independent physicians in another area close to where I live that I haven’t called on before. So I will be contacting/visiting as soon as the promotional materials are ready. I’m really hoping that the BPP along with Dr. Bennett will help me get my foot in the door in at least one MD office.

    I’m also attending the Medipreneur Summit in Asheville, NC, at the end of April. I hope to network and learn things that will help me with my business (or lack of 🙂 HA).

    I haven’t given up yet. Just taking a break.

    Asking for advice: Do you think I should go ahead and visit the providers I haven’t visited before the BPP stuff is ready?

    Mmccarthy, how’s your business going? I get excited when I hear of others’ successes!

    Alda, you’re keeping us up-to-date. Wishing you the best!



    Thanks Carol!
    In my opinion the more you go out there and visit providers, the better your chance of getting a contract. I would go ahead and visit them, and when you get the Dr. Bennet material that will give you more reason to visit them again. From what I have heard it takes several visits and phone calls to get into a practice.



    Innovative ideas! I love them! Your work is inspiring Carol!



    Well, thanks, Jerrica! It’d be even more inspiring if it had helped me get hired. LOL



    What company do you order your calendar from to give to the doctors office?



    The company is little old me. I love to do crafts, and I’ve made greeting cards, done digital scrapbooking, etc. so I just used the knowledge I had from that. I made it using Adobe Photoshop Elements. I printed it on my printer on cardstock. Then I cut it to the correct size and cut the “holes.” I drew the pattern for the holder. I printed it on cardstock also and cut, folded, and glued it together. The rings came from the Arc notebook system that Staples carries. There are lots of other brands of planners that use the same rings. So, it just cost me my time and some cardstock.

    If I can find my patterns on my computer at home, I’ll try to attach them if you want to make some.

    I’ll take that as a great compliment! Thank you very much!


    Blair Thielemier
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