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Genetic testing

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    Hello! I’ve been working on getting my genetic testing business up and running. I’m kind of at a standstill because we are moving in two weeks, and everything has to have an adress and costs money to change addresses (for the LLC at least). In the mean time, I’ve been working on setting up my Facebook and low-budget website. I chose to go ahead and do a website because I am not working out of a pharmacy or a clinic. I have questions for those of you on the same path. What POS system are you using? Are you keeping inventory or just drop shipping? Also, I know a pharmacogenomic test has to be ordered by a physician, but can I still service that order without a CMA?


    Blair Thielemier

    I drop ship everything.

    I use Paypal to invoice customers and I purchase the test kits or supplements as I need them. (GX Sciences even allows you to drop ship everything directly to the patient)

    The PGx test used by GX Sciences can be administered by the patient so it doesnt require a physician order, however some labs do require you to get a physician order.

    So it depends on the lab you choose!



    I am trying to do the same thing you are doing, E Posey.

    Blair, you’ll be interested in this also. I talked with the Lead Sales Manager with MD Labs yesterday. I also want to do PGx independently (not associated with a pharmacy). He listened to some of my reasoning for wanting to do it that way, but then he said that I needed to talk to a pharmacist at the Pharmacogenomics Center of Excellence about doing consults for them. I told him I’d like to do that also, but that I wanted to offer it to my own patients. He just kind of blew me off on that. But I will discuss that with the pharmacist he hooks me up with (even though he said it wouldn’t be Amina — I told him I thought she was out of the country.). He isn’t familiar with that model, but they’ll be missing out if they don’t consider that model. I think there are several pharmacists that are interested in that model. And with the push of pharmacists being entrepreneurs within pharmacy schools and within the Academy, they’re going to miss out. I have considered MD Labs because they do the billing of insurance. I can market my services as accepting insurance. Therefore, I wouldn’t have to go through the credentialing process. The problem I see with this is that MD Labs only pays the pharmacist $50 per consult, which I don’t think is adequate for the service and wouldn’t be enough compensation for an independent consultant. Maybe they have considered the independent consultant model, but have decided not to go that route because they don’t want to increase their consult reimbursement. I don’t know. Blair, maybe this gives you some more information to approach MD Labs about.

    Again, I want to caution pharmacists about using PGx results from DTC (no provider order) PGx tests. See another recent thread about that.



    Blair Thielemier

    Who did you talk to with at MD Labs Carol? I think I know a few guys there, but we haven’t connected in a while.

    I agree, if they want to succeed I think a program like GX Sciences is easier for a pharmacist to implement.



    I spoke with Bob Kondraske, Lead Sales Consultant at MD Labs.

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