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Lesson 12: Offering Cash-Based Consultant Pharmacy Services: Virtual and In-Pers

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    Blair Thielemier



    Would you please post the link to the blank slide about the Google image of the states in the US in which private payers vs. Medicaid, etc. pay for telemedicine? Thank you very much!


    Blair Thielemier

    Sorry, I meant to add that graphic in but its a pdf.

    Here’s the PDF.



    Thanks, Blair!

    I just finished Lesson 12, and of course, it was great! It brought up points that I had never considered, such as choosing a personal brand vs. a non-personal brand. I didn’t understand the difference between telemedicine and telehealth, and hadn’t heard of remote patient monitoring. Also, it changed my mind about some things I had been thinking.

    I have a few questions.

    1. Telemedicine can only be done by a provider. Pharmacists can’t do telemedicine. Is telehealth just the technology used to do telemedicine? If so, does remote patient monitoring use telehealth? In other words, can pharmacists do telehealth in the form of remote patient monitoring? Am I splitting hairs?

    2. I have already purchased a website for a year. (Please don’t judge me. I ran up against a deadline and didn’t want to lose the work I had done. This may not be the best decision I’ve ever made.) I thought that the DBA name (and thus the domain name) should be very specific, but you said to use a very general name when buying a domain name.

    I thought that the Google search engine used company names for searching, so that the focus of my business should be included in the DBA name. Does the Google search engine also use words in the website, so that when stating what my focus is on the website, the search engine would pull up my site?

    For example if I use CB Pharmacy Consulting as my domain name, but I state on my website that my business is focusing on pharmacogenomics, would my website come up under a search for pharmacogenomics?

    I am also considering adding nutrigenomics because I don’t have to have a provider order the test. If I use PGxCare as my domain name, it doesn’t refer to NGx. Using my LLC name wouldn’t limit me. And I also might do MTM again at some point.

    Please advise.


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    Blair Thielemier

    In answer to your questions:

    1. Telemedicine is the “practice of medicine”, thus we cant do that. Telehealth encompasses a number of activities that are patient care related but not the practice of medicine. Remote patient monitoring is more similar to Chronic Care Management in that data is transmitted electronically and reviewed by the clinical staff member, then documented should any changes need occur. I do know what pharmacist who is working with a private payer to do remote patient monitoring, but currently it is just a pilot.

    2. Google “scrawls” your actual website for keywords. It may take into account the URL, but the words on your website are much, much more important. This is why when I write a blog post I try to include the words, “MTM, pharmacy consulting, advanced clinical services, collaborative agreements, etc” This helps me rank higher on the page when people search google for terms like these. If you google “pharmacy consulting” I’m the 4th listing and the first 3 are paid advertisements!

    So the answer is as long as you are producing content related to pharmacogenomics and nutrigenomics the most important thing that google looks at is “is your content CURRENT?”

    If you’re planning to launch a blog and want to rank high in google, you need to commit to publishing at least one new blog post per week.

    If you look at you’ll see that I have not missed a month of blogging since I started in July 2015. If you want to rank high in Google search and create an online that is truly able to scale it takes great commitment.

    There is of course other ways to get your content out there like choosing the social media strategy that is right for you (see Lesson 6).

    The most important thing about having a website is to understand what the purpose of the website is. What do you want the person to DO when they get to your site?

    For me its to join my email list. For you it may be to sign up for a free consultation call. Whatever it is, it should almost NEVER be purchase this thing from me RIGHT NOW! You need to create a relationship with your reader, make an offer that is easy to accept, then take them to the next step, then the next, etc.

    Nikki Rousch is going to talk more about her “Selling Staircase” in our January Member Call, but here’s a link to her blog where she talks about making offers to “nurture” your relationship with potential clients.



    Could you elaborate a little more on your online genetic testing business? Are your target patients only local to you? Do you think this is possible to do as a stand alone business without a pharmacy/clinic? What billing software do you use? I have so many questions lol.


    Blair Thielemier

    Yes, my genetic testing services are stand-alone and I’m not affiliated with any other organization. To date I’ve only marketed it locally and that seemed to be enough to keep me pretty busy!

    I like to start with an NGx test, then if I feel the patient needs it we’ll do a PGx test (ordered by their PCP). I also sell supplements in addition to the consult. [consult is $500, plus about $100 in supplements]

    You can definitely do what I did to start. Check out the free website I created and the blog posts I wrote to market it at

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