Pharmacy Practice is CHANGING.

Ever go to work worried if TODAY WAS THE DAY you’d be let go due to budget cuts or policy changes or cheaper labor?

Surely, I thought, it would never happen to me… until it did.

I call it Career Climate Change.

And I was at the mercy of the elements.

But, what if you could THRIVE instead of just trying to SURVIVE?

There is a POWERFUL opportunity to create the life and career you want right under your nose, using skills you already have!

The ever-changing healthcare industry is being disrupted.  In pharmacies we’re given metrics to meet, but none of them have to do with quality of patient care.

BUT that is about to CHANGE. The Profession of Pharmacy is CHANGING.  Healthcare is EVOLVING.

Do you feel it too?

Yes!  Then, are you ready to ADAPT to the Changing Climate?

If you’re worried opportunities are passing you by, let me show you how to build your income through pharmacy consulting!

Not only can you FREE YOURSELF from “traditional” employment, you’ll work with patients to ACTUALLY HELP them improve their health.

No more being forced into the “one size fits all” health care machine.  You are in control, and your patients get better care.

Imagine how different your life would be if you built your own consulting business.



Loving your career


Looking forward to Mondays


Finding meaning and purpose


Your J.O.B. no longer feels like “work”.

Welcome to The Pharmapreneur Academy!

Learn how…

YOU can realize your full potential and leverage your medication knowledge in innovative ways!

Helped me find my “why”

“This course [at the Pharmapreneur Academy] has helped me find my ‘why’.  Since I’ve graduated, I’ve been looking for something where I could apply my clinical knowledge and start working for my own dreams.  This course embodies that and more.  It took me some time to start my own business, but I was able to make strategic partnerships, and now everything is falling in to place as I build out my team for Chronic Care Management.”


Build a business that gives you stability while helping patients find better health and happiness.

Membership Benefits:

Daily business coaching support from course creator, Blair Thielemier, through the Academy forums

Recap emails so you can stay focused on your goals

Access to guest speaker sessions and community events, exclusive for Pharmapreneur Academy members

Our groundbreaking Community includes an exclusive e-Course library:


Complimentary access to recorded Elevate Pharmacy Virtual Summit interviews

Got me excited about pharmacy again

“I have thought about starting my own pharmacy business for years, but wasn’t really sure how to begin or what I could do that wasn’t your typical retail pharmacy.  When I came across Blair’s [Elevate Pharmacy Virtual] Summit, I immediately signed up to learn what other pharmacists are doing across the country.  The Summit got me excited about pharmacy again and gave me hope that I could eventually enjoy my career again.  Next, I signed up for her Pharmapreneur Academy course which gave me the information and motivation I needed to start my own MTM consulting business.  Next thing I knew, I had started an LLC and was contracted to manage MTMs and start up a vaccine program with the first pharmacy I approached!  Blair is a great resource and mentor and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to start their own pharmacy consulting business!”


“I was not sure where to gather the information and quite frankly did not realize that pharmacists getting paid for services could be a lucrative practice.  I am definitely more business minded [since taking the e-course at the Pharmapreneur Academy] and able to think outside the box.  I realize now that pharmacists can make an even bigger impact and get paid for doing it.  I still have a lot to learn and need more hands on experience, but now I have the tools to do so.  Now is the time!  Thank you for this opportunity, because of the Academy I am truly a better, more informed professional ready to make an impact.” 

– T.J.

“This course allowed me to feel confident, get organized, and approach [physicians] with opportunities to do their MTM, train on MTM, and most excitingly CONSULT in their clinics with a collaborative agreement. Today, I consult in three outpatient clinics monthly and am working on a copyrighted Superbill for each clinic! This course opened my eyes to multiple opportunities I had never even considered previously.”

– N.R.

My name is Blair Thielemier.

In 2014, I found myself 6 months pregnant and unemployed after I lost my full-time job as a clinical hospital pharmacist.

Luckily, I had a close network of pharmacy contacts who came to my aid by offering me work as a relief pharmacist.

I was asked to serve as an independent Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Consultant Pharmacist—a niche position that was entirely new to me at the time.

The opportunity to work closely with patients and directly impact their health and well-being—rather than just filling their prescriptions–was exciting and something I hadn’t even realized I’d been missing!

It quickly became clear to me that these types of consulting services were in high demand with community retail pharmacies looking to rise above the competition through advanced services and more personalized care.

With renewed interest, I vowed to do more to further elevate the profession…

And, for the last three years, I’ve been researching and compiling the best information available to help pharmacists, like you, seek new opportunities in clinical pharmacist services.

Now, as an Entrepreneur and Business coach, I’ve helped hundreds of pharmacists build profitable consulting businesses of their own.

To further promote MTM services and develop new professionals in the field, I’ve created this innovative e-course to provide a wealth of information YOU can use to build the business of your dreams.

Finding Blair came at a pivotal time for me

“Finding Blair and Pharmapreneur Academy came at a pivotal time for me.  The content available through the Academy and the information Blair provides is tremendous.  Moreover, the combination of all the resources available in the Pharmapreneur Academy really allows a business owner at any level to learn in multiple formats and at a pace that works for them.  Having Blair as a coach and mentor has helped me move forward with informed focus and I highly recommend anyone looking for support in starting or growing your pharmacy work with her!”

– L.R.

You are too dedicated to patient health to not have job security.

You’re right for this program if:

  •  You’re tired of working a job that doesn’t care about you
  • You’re tired of working a job that doesn’t care about the patient
  • You wish you could actually help people live a healthier life
  • You want to build your own consulting business
  • You’re excited to collaborate with new partners and other healthcare professionals

Questions that get answered in the Pharmapreneur Academy online course

Can I do MTM independently for pharmacies/group practices/LTC facilities?

Do I need special training, licensure or liability coverage?

How do I seek reimbursement from insurances? Private payers?

How can pharmacists “bill” for advanced clinical services in a physician’s office?

Where do I find patients willing to pay for my cash-based genetic testing, health coaching or diabetes management programs?

What does it take to get started & how long will it take to get my business off the ground?

How do I confidently pitch my services to potential collaborative providers?

…and more!

The LIFETIME Membership (BEST DEAL – $3997)

  • LIFETIME ACCESS – No additional fees – BEST DEAL
  • Everything included in the ANNUAL plan, but we reward people for making a long-term commitment
  • Lifetime license for a business partner, employee, or spouse

The Annual Plan

  • All E-Course Lessons – Including the Beginner’s Business Blueprint and the Advanced Learning Lessons
  • Access to recorded Elevate Pharmacy Virtual Summit interviews
  • Business Coaching & Support in the Academy Forums
  • Access to our Member Recap Emails
  • Access to the Community’s Live Member Training Calls


You can keep working in a job you don’t love, afraid of being laid off at any time…

Spending your days just giving customers medicine without providing the personalized care you so desperately want to offer…

Waiting for something different to come along, or waiting to be laid off so you can figure out what comes next…


But do you really want to accept the status quo?


You deserve more.

Your patients deserve more.

Marketing Advice

“The course is a very good compilation of the nuts and bolts of getting started in the field. I especially like the marketing advice, the training implementation timeline and the various revenue streams discussed. The templates (tech call script, powerpoint) were also quite helpful. My favorite thing was the links to free services like Canva, etc. You are spot on about ROI !”

– P.B.